Aftermath of Stalingrad

World War II: Fall of the Third Reich

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Aftermath of Stalingrad

World War II in Europe from Stalingrad to the fall of Berlin (19 March 1943)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

By February it was all over for the Sixth Army at Stalingrad as the Soviet offensive gathered momentum along much of the Eastern Front. However the rapid advance left the Russians overextended, allowing Germany to regroup and launch a punishing counterattack in the Ukraine.

Main Events

Third Battle of Kharkov

In a series of battles around the city of Kharkov, German forces under Erich von Manstein counterattack Soviet forces advancing through the Ukrainian SSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The result is a German victory, with the Germans retaking Kharkov and Belgorod and destroying over 50 Soviet divisions.

Third Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics mounted its third Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive Operation to eliminate the German-held Rzhev salient. Sensing the buildup of Soviet forces, the Germans preemptively withdrew to the south in Operation Büffel.

Battle of the Mareth Line

The British Eighth Army under General Bernard Montgomery attacked the Mareth Line in southern Tunisia, defended by the Italo-German 1st Army under General Giovanni Messe. The British successfully outflanked the line, forcing the Axis troops to withdraw north towards Tunis.

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