Europe 1921: Greco-Turkish War

With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Greece moved troops into western Turkey to protect the sizeable local Greek population and assert its historical claim over the region. Initially the war favored Greece, but by late 1921 the Turks were gaining the upper hand.

Main Events

23 Apr 1921 Little Entente

Little Entente formed between Czechoslovakia and Romania (Yugoslavia signs june 7)in wikipedia

5 Jul 1921 Italian evacuation from Adalia

The last Italian forces withdrew from Antalya, southern Anatolia, avoiding clashing with the Turkish Nationalists and ending the Italian claim to the wikipedia

11 Jul 1921 Truce between
Britain and Ireland

Truce between
Britain and Ireland

? Aug 1921 Soviets crush
Ukrainian resistance

Soviets crush
Ukrainian resistance

23 Aug–13 Sep 1921 Battle of Sakarya

The invading Greek army advanced on the Turkish Nationalist lines on the Sakarya River, 80km from the Nationalist capital of Ankara. By September 2, the Greeks had captured Mount Chal and in the ensuing 10 days, some units come within 50km of Ankara. However, the Greeks were overextended, and a Turkish counterattack on September 8 forced them to abandon the offensive and withdraw toward Eskişehir and Kara wikipedia