Battle of Magenta

Italian Unification

Europe 1859.0604

Battle of Magenta

Italian Unification (4 June 1859)

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In April 1859 Sardinia deliberately provoked an Austrian invasion, giving the French under Napoleon III an excuse to rush to her aid. The French armies used railways to swiftly cross Italy, with the combined Franco-Sardinian forces smashing the Austrians at Magenta a month later.

Main Events

Provisional government of Tuscany offers dictatorship over Tuscany to King of Sardinia

Second Italian War of Independence

Following the Treaty of Alliance with France, Sardinian troops began massing on the Austrian border, provoking Austria to issue an ultimatum demanding that Sardinia demobilize its army. When Sardinia refused to comply, Austria invaded.

France declares war on Austria

Four days after the Austrian invasion of Sardinia, France complied with the Treaty of Alliance by declaring war on Austria.

France and Sardinia defeat Austria at Magenta

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