Europe 1848: German Question

The 1848 call for German unification had led to nationalists congregating in Frankfurt to establish a national assembly and work on replacing the German Confederation with an Empire. While there was some debate over whether German-speaking Austria would be included in the new Germany, there was little over Schleswig-Holstein, which had just thrown off Danish rule. In mid-April, the embryonic National Assembly declared war on Denmark, sending a Prussian-led mixed German army to Schleswig.

Main Events

7–25 Apr 1848 Papal States & Naples join war vs Austria

The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, including both Naples and the rebel Kingdom of Sicily, and the Papal States, joined the Kingdom of Sardinia in the First Italian War of Independence against the Austrian wikipedia

12 Apr 1848 First Schleswig War starts

The provisional German government in Frankfurt recognized the provisional government of Schleswig and declared war by the German states against the Kingdom of Denmark, commissioning the Kingdom of Prussia to enforce its wikipedia

13 Apr 1848 Sicily declares independence

The Sicilian Parliament declared Ferdinand II of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Naples) deposed, proclaiming the independent Kingdom of Sicily with the declared intention of later joining the Kingdom of wikipedia

13–27 Apr 1848 Hecker Uprising

Friedrich Hecker led German revolutionaries in a march on Karlsruhe, capital of the Grand Duchy of Baden, in an attempt to overthrow the Grand Duke and establish a republic. They were defeated with the assistance of German Confederation troops under General Friedrich von wikipedia

19 Apr–9 May 1848 Greater Poland Uprising

The Polish Legion, originally founded with support of Kingdom of Prussia to fight against the Russian Empire, revolted against Prussian authority. Despite initial successes, the uprising was wikipedia

23 Apr–15 May 1848 May insurrections in France

Revolutionary parties were defeated in the first democratic polls of the French Republic, triggering workers’ uprisings in the provinces, especially in the cities of Limoges and Rouen, and the 15 May demonstration in Paris, where protestors temporarily seized the town hall and proclaimed an ‘insurrectionary government’ before being suppressed by the National wikipedia