Aftermath of the Balkan Wars

Imperial Europe

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Aftermath of the Balkan Wars

Imperial Europe (25 September 1913)

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At the Treaty of Bucharest, Bulgaria ceded land to Serbia, Greece, and Romania, ending the Second Balkan War between those countries. However, the treaty did not end the war between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire, which raged on until Ottoman support of an insurgency in Western Thrace forced Bulgaria to agree to peace.

Main Events

Treaty of Bucharest

Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece signed the Treaty of Bucharest in Bucharest, Romania, bringing an end to the Second Balkan War. The treaty divided the Ottoman territory gained in the First Balkan War between Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Bulgaria was also forced to cede Southern Dobruja to Romania.

Independent Western Thrace

Following the Greek withdrawal from Gümülcine (Komotini) in Western Thrace in favor of Bulgaria, pro-Ottoman forces seized control of the city. The Ottoman Empire - which had not yet signed a treaty with Bulgaria - supported the rebels, who declared the Provisional Government of Western Thrace on 25 September 1913. Ottoman support ended when Bulgaria signed the Treaty of Constantinople four days later, after which the Ottomans withdrew their forces and the Bulgarians took over.

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