Truce of Malmö

The Springtime of Peoples

Europe 1848.0826

Truce of Malmö

The Year of Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848-1849, the Hungarian Revolution, the First Italian War of Unification and the First Schleswig War (26 August 1848)

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In Northern Europe, international pressure persuaded Prussia and Denmark to bring an end to the First Schleswig War and sign the Truce of Malmö. By doing so, Prussia broke with the infuriated German Nationalists in Frankfurt, who were nonetheless forced to follow suit less than a month later. Despite the withdrawal of German forces, Schleswig-Holstein would remain independent for a few more years before Danish rule was finally restored.

Main Events

Young Irelander Rebellion

Followers of the Young Ireland movement attacked an Irish Constabulary unit in Ballingarry, South Tipperary, British-ruled Ireland, but were dispersed when police reinforcements arrived.

Armistice of Vigevano

The Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia concluded an armistice at Vigevano, Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, by which Sardinia abandoned Lombardy to Austria.

Truce of Malmö

The Kingdom of Prussia signed a truce with the Kingdom of Denmark at Malmö, Kingdom of Sweden-Norway, providing for the withdrawal of military forces and the rule of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein by a joint government appointed by Denmark and Prussia.

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