Europe 1860: Expedition of the Thousand

In return for French support, Sardinia ceded Savoy and Nice to France. Free to move south, the Sardinians secretly sent the famed Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi with a thousand volunteers to land in Sicily and overthrow the powerful Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Main Events

18 Mar 1860 Kingdom of Sardinia annexes United Provinces of Central Italy

Kingdom of Sardinia annexes United Provinces of Central Italyin wikipedia

24 Mar 1860 Treaty of Turin

In exchange for French support against Austria in the War of 1859, Sardinia had agreed to cede Nice and Savoy to France. The ensuing Treaty of Turin moderated this promise, outlining that the cession of each territory must be approved by a local plebiscite. Both plebiscites resulted in majority “yes” votes, resulting in French wikipedia

11 May 1860 Garibaldi’s Redshirts land at Marsala

Garibaldi’s Redshirts land at Marsalain wikipedia

27–28 May 1860 Garibaldi’s Redshirts take Palermo

Garibaldi’s Redshirts take Palermoin wikipedia