Second French Empire

The Crimean War

Europe 1852.1202

Second French Empire

The Second French Empire, the Crimean War and the Anglo-Persian War (2 December 1852)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

While the King of Prussia was backing down in Germany, the ambitious French President Louis-Napoleon was consolidating power in France. By 1852 he was ready to restore the French Empire with himself as Emperor Napoleon III. Although this alarmed the nations of Europe, where memories of the Napoleonic Wars were still strong, its importance was soon overshadowed by events further east.

Main Events

Russia withdraws from Danubian principalities

The Russian Empire withdrew its troops from the Danubian Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.

Dresden Conference

The Kingdom of Prussia again recognized the German Confederation at a conference at Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony, and agreed to a secret alliance with the Austrian Empire in defence of the German states.

Louis-Napoleon stages coup d'etat

Prince Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, President of French Second Republic, conducts self-coup, arresting opposition leaders and dissolving French National Assembly

Powers guarantee integrity of Denmark

The London Protocol was signed by the Austrian Empire, Great Britain, French Republic, Kingdom of Prussia, Russian Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, and Kingdom of Sweden, guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Denmark and its federation.

French Second Empire Referendum

A plebiscite was held in France over the restoration of Empire under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte and his family. It was approved by 96.9% of voters with a 79.8% turnout.

Second French Empire

With the French Empire formally re-established, Prince-President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed as Napoleon III, Emperor of the French.

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