Europe 1941: Battle of Moscow

In August and September, the Germans swept south to consolidate their hold over the industry rich Ukraine and deal with the huge numbers of Soviet troops that had been isolated in the initial invasion. In October, they resumed their drive on Moscow but by now winter was arriving and Soviet defences were in place.

Main Events

23 Aug–26 Sep 1941 Battle of Kiev

Battle of Kievin wikipedia

8 Sep 1941 Germans begin Siege of Leningrad

Germans begin Siege of Leningradin wikipedia

2 Oct 1941–7 Jan 1942 Battle of Moscow

Germans wage Battle of Moscow against Soviet Unionin wikipedia

13 Oct 1941 Operation Rheinhard

Construction of first extermination camp begun in Bełżec, General Government (Poland)in wikipedia

18 Nov–30 Dec 1941 Operation Crusader

The British Eighth Army under newly-installed General Claude Auchinleck opened an offensive in North Africa, bypassing Axis fortress positions on the Egyptian border as they moved to relieve besieged British troops at Tobruk, Libya. The attack pushed Erwin Rommel to withdraw his German-Italian forces to Tobruk, which was finally relieved by the British advance on 10 December after a three-week battle. Defeated, Rommel retreated first to Gazala and then El Agheila, temporarily ceding Cyrenaica to the wikipedia