Europe 1944: Liberation of the Balkans

The Allied push through Belgium was halted by an unexpected German counterattack through the Ardennes in December, however the Soviet offensive continued into Hungary. In the Balkans, where insurgencies had been causing the Germans problems since their initial invasion, Yugoslav and Albanian partisans effectively liberated their own countries.

Main Events

14 Sep–24 Nov 1944 Belgrade Offensive

Yugoslav partisans and Soviet troops force Germany out of Belgrade areain wikipedia

29 Oct 1944–13 Feb 1945 Budapest Offensive

Soviets invade Hungaryin wikipedia

10 Nov 1944–8 May 1945 Retaking of Finnmark

Norwegian forces arrived in Kirkenes, Norway, traveling from Britain via Murmansk, relieving the Soviet forward positions and retaking Finnmark, the northernmost province of Norway, from the retreating wikipedia

16 Dec 1944–5 Jan 1945 Battle of the Bulge

German offensive in Ardennesin wikipedia