Europe 1918: Allied Hundred Days Offensive

The German Spring offensives had ground to a halt by mid July. With the Germans exhausted and the arrival of fresh American troops, the Allies were ready to launch their own offensives. Starting in early August, they soon forced the Germans to retreat.

Meanwhile, in the East, the Allies were now advancing rapidly against the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the Ottoman Turks in Palestine, while other Allied forces tried to push Russia back into the War.

Main Events

4 Aug 1918 Archangel landing

British troops landed in Archangel (Arkhangelsk), northern Russia, with the intention of recovering Allied war materiel (which had been supplied to the Russians while they were still involved in the war) and resurrecting the Eastern Front by linking up with the Czechoslovak Legion and supporting anti-Bolshevik forces. Upon arrival they discovered that the war materiel had already been moved up the Dvina River by the retreating Bolsheviks. Over the following month, the British were joined in Archangel by French and American wikipedia

8 Aug-11 Nov 1918 Allied Hundred Days Offensive

Allied Hundred Days Offensivein wikipedia

15 Sep 1918 Allies break throughin Macedonia

Allies break throughin Macedoniain wikipedia

19-25 Sep 1918 Battle of Megiddo

In the last major Allied offensive of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign, the British Egyptian Expeditionary force under General Edmund Allenby attacks the Ottoman Yildirim Army Group along the Judean coast, in the Judean Hills in front of Nablus, and across the Jordan River towards Amman. The British are supported by Arab rebels, who raid the Ottoman railways and capture Daraa. The Allied victory all but destroys the Ottoman army in the Levant, leaving the route to Damascus wikipedia