Europe 1850: Erfurt Union

The restoration of Austrian power in Hungary and northern Italy encouraged Hanover and Saxony to abandon their alliance with Prussia. Undeterred, the Prussians pushed ahead with the creation of the Erfurt Union, successfully drawing most of the smaller German states into a new federation under Prussian leadership.

Main Events

19 Oct 1849 Saxony abandons Prussia

The Kingdom of Saxony withdrew from Alliance of Three Kings with Prussia and wikipedia

23 Feb 1850 Hanover abandons Prussia

Kingdom of Hanover followed the lead of Saxony and withdrew from Alliance of Three Kings with wikipedia

20 Mar–29 Apr 1850 Erfurt Union Parliament held

The Kingdom of Prussia held the Erfurt Union Parliament in an attempt to create a new German federation excluding the Austrian Empire. It initially received the support of 22 German states, but lacks the backing of the Kingdoms of Hanover, Saxony, Bavaria, and wikipedia

12 Apr 1850 Pope returns to Rome

Pope Pius IX returned to Rome, Papal States, after the French Empire, which garrisoned the city, assured him it would not meddle in Papal wikipedia