First Battle of Custoza

The Springtime of Peoples

Europe 1848.0724

First Battle of Custoza

The Year of Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848-1849, the Hungarian Revolution, the First Italian War of Unification and the First Schleswig War (24 July 1848)

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By July, the Austrian forces in Italy had retaken most of Venetia and were ready to launch an all-out attack on the Sardinian lines. At the Battle of Custoza, the Austrians broke through, forcing the Sardinians to retreat to Milan. Unwilling to continue the fight, Sardinia agreed to an armistice and promptly withdrew from Lombardy.

Main Events

Election of Archduke John of Austria

The German National Assembly (Frankfurt Parliament) elected Archduke John of Austria as Regent of the new German Empire (which was intended to replace the German Confederation).

Russian invasion of Moldavia

The Russian Empire invaded the Principality of Moldavia, a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, in order to prevent the establishment of a revolutionary government.

Battle of Custoza

Forces of the Austrian Empire under Field Marshal Jospeh Radetzky defeated the forces of the Kingdom of Sardinia led by King Charles Albert at Custoza, Lombardy-Venetia.

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