Europe 1938: Appeasement at Munich

From March 1938, pro-Nazis in the Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia with a large German population, started pressing for autonomy and closer ties with Germany. Desperate to avert a crisis, Britain and France decided to mediate. However, rather than supporting their ally Czechoslovakia, they agreed to let Germany annex the disputed territories. War had been avoided, but British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's claims of "Peace for our time" would soon be disproved.

Main Events

29–30 Sep 1938 Munich Agreement signed

Munich Agreement signedin wikipedia

1–10 Oct 1938 Occupation of the Sudetenland

Occupation of the Sudetenlandin wikipedia

1 Oct 1938 Poland occupies Teschen

Poland occupies Teschenin wikipedia

6 Oct 1938 Slovakia granted autonomy within Czechoslovakia

Slovakia granted autonomy within Czechoslovakiain wikipedia

2 Nov 1938 First Vienna Award

First Vienna Award cedes southern Slovakia to Hungaryin wikipedia