Limits of Soviet Expansion

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Limits of Soviet Expansion

The Treaty of Versailles and the European Revolutions in the wake of World War I (20 March 1921)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

With their success in Russia, the Bolsheviks had hoped to spread the Revolution across Europe. However, their setbacks in the west, especially against Poland, and large scale popular unrest at home forced them to bring an end to policies of expansion and focus on rebuilding the Soviet economy.

Main Events

Makhnovist operationsexpand across Ukraineand southern Russia

Franco-Polish defensive alliance signed.

Kronstadt Rebellion

Treaty of Moscow

Soviet Russia and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey sign the Treaty of Brotherhood in Moscow, undertaking to establish friendly relations between the two internationally unrecognized countries after both came close to clashing over Armenia and Georgia. The Soviets recognize the Turkish claim to Kars, while the Turks recognize Batum as part of Soviet Georgia.

Peace of Riga

Poland's victory over the Soviet Union enabled them to annex large areas of what had been Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania.

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