Europe 1878: Aftermath of the Great Eastern Crisis

The Russian victory over Turkey alarmed the other Great Powers. At the Congress of Berlin, they overruled San Stefano. Russian gains were diminished, Bulgaria was divided into two much smaller states, Britain was granted control of Cyprus, and Austria was allowed to occupy Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Main Events

4 Jun 1878 Cyprus Convention

Ottoman Empire grants control of Cyprus to Great Britain in exchange for British support at the Congress of wikipedia

13 Jun–13 Jul 1878 Congress of Berlin

Congress of Berlin reorganizes Balkans in wake of Russo-Turkish Warin wikipedia

13 Jul 1878 Division of Bulgaria

Bulgaria split into autonomous Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumeliain wikipedia

29 Jul–20 Oct 1878 Austria-Hungary occupies Bosnia and Herzegovina

Austria-Hungary occupies Bosnia and Herzegovinain wikipedia