Treaty of St. Germain

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Treaty of St. Germain

The Treaty of Versailles and the European Revolutions in the wake of World War I (10 September 1919)

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The Peace Treaty with Austria was signed on September 10, 1919. The Allies recognized the independence of Czechoslovakia, the merging of Serbia with the southern Slavic nations to form Yugoslavia, and the expansion of Poland into former Austrian territory. Austria was also forbidden from uniting with Germany, something it had attempted to do after the war. The treaty with Hungary, the other part of Austria_Hungary, was postponed by the outbreak of its war with Romania.

Main Events

Romania occupies Budapest

Sivas Congress

At the calling of Mustafa Kemal, Turkish Nationalist Party delegates from all the Anatolian provinces of the Ottoman Empire assemble at Sivas, in central Turkey, to organize Turkish resistance against the Allies.

Treaty of St. Germain

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