Hitler Gains Power

The Rise of Fascism

Europe 1933.013

Hitler Gains Power

The Rise of Fascism in Italy, National Socialism in Germany, the Spanish Civil War, and the expansion of Nazi Germany (30 January 1933)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The Great Depression that started in 1929, resulted in massive world-wide unemployment. Germany was especially hard hit, with 6 million out of work. Hitler exploited this situation to make his Nazi party the most popular in the country. In 1933, he was made Chancellor and set about solving the unemployment problem by rearmament.

Main Events

Italian defensive alliance with Albania

Wall Street Crash

Between opening on "Black Thursday" and close on "Black Tuesday", Dow Jones Industrial Average drops in value from 305.85 to 230.07

Last Allied troops leave Rhineland

Statute of Westminster

Statute of Westminster establishes legislative equality for the Dominions of the British Empire (effective immediately in Canada, the Irish Free State and the Union of South Africa)

Hitler sworn in as Chancellor of Germany

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