Gallipoli Campaign

The Great War

Europe 1915.0426

Gallipoli Campaign

World War I in Europe and the Russian Revolution (26 April 1915)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The Ottoman Turks had entered the War on the side of Germany in October 1914, threatening the Suez Canal and the Persian oil wells. Even more critically, supply routes to Russia's major ports were now blocked (by the Germans in the north and the Turks in the south). In an attempt to force open the southern route, the Allies landed at Gallipoli but were unable to break Turkish defenses.

Main Events

First Zeppelin raid on British ports

Germans begin unrestricted submarine warfare

Arrest and deportation of Armenians in Constantinople

Ottomans begin the arrest and deportation of Armenian notables in Constantinople, the start of what will become known as the Armenian genocide.

Allied landings at Gallipoli

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