Russo-Turkish War

Imperial Europe

Europe 1878.0102

Russo-Turkish War

Imperial Europe (2 January 1878)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The 1870s saw increasing dissent in the Balkans against Ottoman rule. Meanwhile, Russia had taken advantage of the disruption caused by the rise of Germany to rebuild its forces after the Crimean War. When the Ottoman Empire refused to comply with demands by the Great Powers of Europe to grant reforms to its Balkan subjects, the Russians were ready to invade.

Main Events

Third Carlist War

Carlists in Spain revolt against Liberal government in support of their pretender, Carlos VII, but are defeated after four years of war

Uprising in Herzegovina and Bosnia against Ottoman Empire

Bulgarian uprising against the Ottomans crushed

Serbia and Montenegro declare war on the Ottoman Empire in support of the Bosnian rebels

Constantinople Conference

Great Powers agree on political reforms for Bosnian and Bulgarian territories of Ottoman Empire

Russia declares war on Ottoman Empire

Romania declares independence

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