Battle of Novara

The Springtime of Peoples

Europe 1849.0323

Battle of Novara

The Year of Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848-1849, the Hungarian Revolution, the First Italian War of Unification and the First Schleswig War (23 March 1849)

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Revolutionary feeling was still strong in the Italian states, prompting the Pope to flee Rome in November and leading to republics being declared in Rome and Tuscany in February. However the tide was turning. In March Sardinia renounced its truce with Austria but was swiftly defeated at the Battle of Novara and forced to come to terms, while at the same time Naples began its reconquest of the breakaway Kingdom of Sicily.

Main Events

Austrians capture Buda-Pest

After victory over the Hungarian rebels at the Battle of Mor, forces of the Austrian Empire captured the abandoned Hungarian capital of Buda and neighboring Pest.

Roman Republic (19th Century)

The Constituent Assembly in Rome, in what had been the Papal States, proclaimed the Roman Republic.

Tuscan Republic

On 18 February 1849, the Tuscan Republic was proclaimed in Florence, with Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi appointed as dictator. The same day, Duke Leopold II fled to Gaeta.

March Constitution of Austria

Count von Warthausen, the Minister of Interior of the Austrian Empire, declared the March Constitution, reclaiming Habsburg power after the concessions of 1848, reducing the rights of the Empire's non-German population, and revoking the April Laws in Hungary.

Sardinia breaks truce with Austria

Charles Albert, King of Sardinia, renounced the armistice with the Austrian Empire and reignited the First Italian War of Independence.

Naples resumes war in Sicily

The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Naples) ended its armistice with the breakaway Kingdom of Sicily, sending its army out from Messina.

Battle of Novara

Forces of Austrian Empire, led by Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, defeated Sardinian forces at Novara, Piedmont, in the Kingdom of Sardinia.

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