Tangier Crisis

Imperial Europe

Europe 1906.0331

Tangier Crisis

Imperial Europe (31 March 1906)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

Germany viewed the Entente Cordiale as a threat and tried to exploit the tensions caused by the war between Russia and Japan to undermine it. However when the German Kaiser decided to openly support the Sultan of Morocco against the French, most of the other powers sided with France and he was forced to back down. As a compromise solution, the Algeciras Conference was called, affirming both Moroccan independence and French influence in Morocco.

Main Events

Russian Baltic Fleet, bound for the Far East, fires on British trawlers in Dogger Bank, killing 3 fishermen

1905 Russian Revolution

General unrest across Russia and its empire

Tangier Crisis begins

Kaiser Wilhelm II visits Tangier, proclaiming support for the soveeignty of the Sultan of Morocco and initiating the First Moroccan Crisis

Norwegian parliament decides on separation from Sweden, ratified by a plebiscite in August

Treaty of Björkö signed by Germany and Russia in an attempt to renew a Russo-German alliance

Algeciras Conference reaffirms Morocco's independence but recognizes France's special position

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