Entente Cordiale

Imperial Europe

Europe 1904.0408

Entente Cordiale

Imperial Europe (8 April 1904)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The Anglo-French rivalry had been a constant of European affairs for centuries. In 1904, however, Britain's newfound ally, Japan, attacked France's ally, Russia. In an attempt to avoid entanglement in this war between their allies, the two nations signed the Entente Cordiale - a series of agreements that defined their respective spheres of influence, in particular recognizing British control of Egypt and French primacy in Morocco.

Main Events

Kuwait gives Great Britain control of its foreign policy

Saudi capture of Riyadh

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, accompanied by 40 followers and with the support of other tribesmen hostile to the Rashidis, infiltrates the Rashidi-held former Saudi capital of Riyadh. There they assault Al Masmak Castle, assassinating Ibn Ajlan (the Rashidi governor) and massacring the entire garrison. This capture of Riyadh greatly enhances Ibn Saud's reputation and he is declared emir four months later.

Anglo-Japanese Alliance

Britain and Japan sign Anglo-Japanese Alliance in London

Battle of Port Arthur

Japanese naval attack on Russian fleet anchored at Port Arthur, Manchuria

Entente Cordiale

Entente Cordiale signed between Britain and France, settling Anglo-French differences in Africa, Newfoundland, and Siam

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