Franco-Russian Alliance

Imperial Europe

Europe 1894.0104

Franco-Russian Alliance

Imperial Europe (4 January 1894)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

German attempts to keep France isolated by maintaining alliances with the other powers of Europe began to unravel in the late 1880s when Russia broke with the League of Three Emperors over conflicting interests with Austria-Hungary. In 1894, the Russians went a step further and joined in a formal alliance with the French. There were now two opposing power blocs in Europe.

Main Events

Principality of Bulgaria unites with Eastern Rumelia

Serbo-Bulgarian War

Russia refuses to renew League of Three Emperors with Germany and Austria-Hungary

Kaiser Wilhelm II dismisses Otto von Bismarck as German chancellor

Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty between Germany and Great Britain

End of personal union between Netherlands and Luxembourg on accession of Queen Wilhelmina to Dutch throne

Franco-Russian Alliance comes into effect

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