Rise of Napoleon III

The Springtime of Peoples

Europe 1848.1219

Rise of Napoleon III

The Year of Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848-1849, the Hungarian Revolution, the First Italian War of Unification and the First Schleswig War (19 December 1848)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

In France, the new republic held the first French presidential election. The winner was Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon I and an advocate of popular dictatorship who hoped to restore what many French saw as the glory days of the Napoleonic Empire. He immediately set about undermining the Second Republic and allying France with the reactionary powers.

Main Events

Pius IX's flight from Rome

Concerned about growing reform-related unrest in the Papal States, Pope Pius IX leaves Rome disguised as a parish priest, arriving in Gaeta, Kingdom of Naples, early next day

Abdication of Ferdinand I of Austria

Emperor Ferdinand I of Austrian Empire abdicates in favor of his eighteen-year-old nephew Franz Joseph I (who will reign until 1916)

Louis-Napoleon's election

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte is elected as the first President of the French Second Republic, winning 5,572,834 votes or 74.2 percent of the votes cast

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