United States Enters the War

The Great War

Europe 1917.0406

United States Enters the War

World War I in Europe and the Russian Revolution (6 April 1917)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

With Russia crumbling, Germany moved to increase its pressure on the West. On February 1, it announced unrestricted submarine warfare in an attempt to starve Britain into surrender. This aggravated relations with the United States and, when German plans to incite a war between Mexico and the U.S. were uncovered, America declared war.

Main Events

Germany announces resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare

Zimmermann Telegram made public in United States

Germany withdraws to Hindenburg Line on Western Front

February Revolution

Fall of Baghdad

After recapturing Kut on 24 February 1917 and defeating the Ottomans at the Diyala River on 10 March, the Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force under General Frederick Maude marches unopposed into Baghdad, the Ottoman regional capital. Although the Ottoman authorities had ordered the evacuation of the city the day before, some 9,000 Ottoman troops are caught in the confusion and became prisoners of the British.

US declaration of war on Germany

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