Crimean Crisis

The Crisis of Europe

Europe 2014.0318

Crimean Crisis

Eurozone crisis (18 March 2014)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The Eurozone crisis had only partially subsided by 2014, when a pro-European revolution toppled the pro-Russian government of Ukraine. Russia responded by massing troops on the Ukrainian border and supporting the accession of the Ukrainian republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation. The US and its allies moved to support Ukraine by imposing sanctions on Russia.

Main Events

Syrian Civil War breaks out

Battle of Sirte

The National Liberation Army attacks the last remnants of the Libyan Army still loyal to dictator Muammar Gaddafi in his hometown and designated capital of Sirte. After a month of fighting, the NLA finally breaks through and capture the city. Gaddafi, already wounded, is captured and killed as he attempts to flee, bringing the Libyan Civil War to an end.

2013 enlargement of the European Union

Croatia accedes to the European Union.

Anbar campaign

The Iraqi government's arrest of Sunni MP Ahmed al-Alwani as part of its crackdown on tribal militias, leads to conflict with his relatives from the Dulaim tribe in Anbar province. When the Iraqi Army withdraws to cool the situation on 31 December, tribal militants take over in Fallujah, Karma, and much of Ramadi. They are soon joined by militants from Daesh (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIL), who ally with some of the Dulaimi tribal militias.

Ukrainian revolution ousts President Victor Yanukovych

Russian military intervenes in Crimea

Russia admits Republic of Crimea into Russian Federation

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