Somme and Brusilov Offensives

The Great War

Europe 1916.092

Somme and Brusilov Offensives

World War I in Europe and the Russian Revolution (20 September 1916)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

With Verdun still raging, British and French forces launched a massive attack on the Germans in the Somme while the Russians struck in the East. Both offensives saw huge casualties on each side, but early Russian gains convinced Romania to enter the War.

Main Events

Easter Rising

Battle of Jutland

Brusilov Offensive

Russia attacks Austria-Hungary

Central Asian Revolt

Kazakhs and other Central Asian peoples revolt in Russian Turkestan, responding to the Tsarist government of the Russian Empire ending its exemption of Muslims from military service. The revolt is ultimately crushed by the government.

Battle of the Somme

British and French offensive against Germany

Sixth Battle of Isonzo

Italian offensive against Austria-Hungary

Romania declares war on Austria-Hungary

Battle of Verdun

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