Berlin Wall

The Cold War

Europe 1963.0626

Berlin Wall

The Cold War in Europe (26 June 1963)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

The coming of the 1960s saw the Cold War heating up, fueled by advances in missile technology. In 1961, another crisis hit Berlin when the communist East German government built a wall to stop its citizens fleeing to the west. The Berlin Wall would keep Germans divided for 28 years.

Main Events

Britain recognizes the independence of Cyprus

Independence of Kuwait

The British protectorate over the Sheikhdom of Kuwait ends. The Sheikhdom becomes independent as the State of Kuwait with former Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah as Emir.

East Germany seals off border between East and West Berlin, beginning construction of Berlin Wall

France accepts Algerian independence

Cuban Missile Crisis

United States discovery of Soviet ballistic missiles deployed in Cuba leads to 13-day confrontation between US and Soviet Union, ultimately resulting in the withdrawal of the missiles

US President Kennedy speaks in West Berlin

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