Central Power Breakthrough in the East

The Great War

Europe 1915.1104

Central Power Breakthrough in the East

World War I in Europe and the Russian Revolution (4 November 1915)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

Italy joined the Allies in May, but the rest of the year favored the Central Powers. In August the Germans pushed the Russians out of Poland, while in October the Bulgarians joined the War and helped defeat Serbia. The Allies landed in officially neutral Greece in an attempt to save the Serbs, but were only able to rescue part of their fleeing army.

Main Events

Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive

Germany overruns Poland and Lithuania

Germans sink RMS Lusitania, bringing U.S. to verge of war

Italy joins the Allies

Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary.

Allies land at Salonika in Greece

Austria-Hungary and Germany capture Belgrade

Bulgaria declares war on Serbia

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