End of Czechoslovakia

The Rise of Fascism

Europe 1939.0321

End of Czechoslovakia

The Rise of Fascism in Italy, National Socialism in Germany, the Spanish Civil War, and the expansion of Nazi Germany (21 March 1939)

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The Munich Agreement did not end German expansionism. In March 1939, Hitler divided the remains of Czechoslovakia with his allies and forced Lithuania to cede territory to Germany. Britain and France now saw that war was inevitable.

Main Events

Germany occupies Czech rump state as Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

Hungary annexes Ruthenia

Slovakia accepts German protection

Lithuania cedes Memel to Germany

Slovak-Hungarian War

The Kingdom of Hungary invades the Slovak Republic from Carpatho-Ukraine without any declaration of war. The attack is timed to preempt Nazi Germany's countersigning of its Treaty of Protection with Slovakia, which the Germans use as an excuse not to intervene. As a result, the Slovaks are forced to cede a strip of eastern Slovakia to Hungary.

Spanish Nationalists launch final offensive

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