The Iron Curtain Descends

The Cold War

Europe 1946.0417

The Iron Curtain Descends

The Cold War in Europe (17 April 1946)

Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean

By the time the Allies met at Potsdam in September 1945, it was clear that Stalin intended to retain tight control over the eastern European countries Soviet armies had occupied during the War. Western distrust grew with Soviet insistence on pushing Poland westward into lands containing millions of Germans not to mention increasing communist activity in Iran, Greece and on the Italo-Yugoslav border.

Main Events

Potsdam Conference

Emperor Hirohito announces surrender of Japan

Japanese Emperor Hirohito announces unconditional surrender of Japan via a radio broadcast

Soviet Union supports the creation of the People's Republic of Azerbaijan in occupied Iran

End of Allied military government in Italy (except for Udine and Venezia Giulia)

France recognizes Syrian independence

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