Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 09 Mar 1847 (Manifest Destiny: Siege of Veracruz), showing the following events: Mormon Battalion; Statehood for Iowa; Treaty of Cahuenga; Taos Revolt; Doniphan's March; Battle of Buena Vista; Siege of Veracruz.

Siege of Veracruz

Manifest Destiny

North America 1847.0309

Siege of Veracruz

Mexican-American War, Oregon dispute (9 March 1847)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

Despite the US victories in the north, the Mexican army remained intact. Rather than continuing to march south, the US decided to bypass these forces by mounting an amphibious landing at Veracruz and marching west into the Mexican heartland. With Mexico unable to send reinforcements in time, Veracruz fell to a 20-day siege.

Main Events

Mormon Battalion

Under the leadership of United States Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke, the US Mormon Battalion traveled from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to San Diego, California, capturing the town of Tucson from the Mexicans en route.

Statehood for Iowa

The southeast portion of Iowa Territory, United States of America, was admitted to the Union as the 29th state, Iowa; the remainder became unorganized.

Treaty of Cahuenga

The Treaty of Cahuenga was signed by United States Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Fremont and Mexican Governor Andres Pico at Campo de Cahuenga, ending Californio resistance in Alta California.

Taos Revolt

New Mexicans and Pueblo allies mounted popular insurrection against the United States' occupation of Don Fernando de Taos (now Taos, New Mexico) and neighboring towns. The rebellion was crushed by US troops and militia.

Doniphan's March

Some 1000 men led by Alexander Doniphan, United States Army, marched south from El Paso del Norte, Texas, into the state of Chihuahua, Mexico; they defeated over 4000 Mexican troops at Sacramento River, north of Chihuahua City, before traveling on to join the main US forces in Saltillo.

Battle of Buena Vista

Over 15,000 Mexican troops under Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna attacked fewer than 5,000 United States troops under Zachary Taylor at Buena Vista, northern Mexico. Despite fierce fighting, the offensive was repulsed and Santa Anna was forced to retreat, ending major conflict in northern Mexico.

Siege of Veracruz

United States forces led by Winfield Scott landed at Anton Lizardo, state of Veracruz in Mexico, and besieged the city of Veracruz. After holding out for 20 days, the Mexican garrisons surrendered.

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