North America 1847: Battle for Mexico City

Mexican troops rushed south to Veracruz but couldn't contain the US advance. After several more hard-fought battles, the US army marched into Mexico City.

Main Events

21 Mar–2 Apr 1847 Santa Anna’s 1847 coup

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna arrived in the northern suburbs of Mexico City, capital of the Mexican Republic, with two divisions, having marched south from Buena Vista. He quickly deposed President Valentin Gomez Farias, replacing him some days later with Pedro Maria wikipedia

30 Mar–11 Nov 1847 Pacific Coast Campaign

The United States Pacific Squadron seized ports along the Pacific coast of Mexico, including La Paz, Guaymas and Mazatlá wikipedia

21 Jul 1847 Mormon arrival in Salt Lake Valley

The first company of Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, in what is now Utah, United States of America, having departed Nauvoo, Illinois, in March 1846, to escape persecution for their wikipedia

30 Jul 1847 Caste War of Yucatán

Mayan rebels launched an attack on Tepich, Republic of Yucatán; soon most of eastern Yucatán was in Mayan wikipedia

8–15 Sep 1847 Battle for Mexico City

United States forces under Winfield Scott advanced on Mexico City, capital of the Mexican Republic, fighting major battles at Molino del Rey and Chapultepec against Mexican forces led by Santa Anna before capturing the city wikipedia