Northern Eurasia 2014: Donbass Rebellion

Main Events

18 Mar 2014 Accession of Crimea to Russia

Following its occupation by Russia, the Crimean parliament and Sevastopol’s city council voted in favor of seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia. Following a referendum, on 17 March Crimea declared its independence as the Republic of Crimea and was annexed by the Russian Federation the following day. Sevastopol was annexed separately, but at the same time, as the Federal City of wikipedia

7 Apr 2014 Donetsk People’s Republic

Pro-Russian insurgents in Donetsk, Ukraine, proclaimed a Donetsk People’s wikipedia

7 Apr 2014 Kharkov People’s Republic

Pro-Russian protestors in Kharkov, Ukraine, proclaimed a Kharkov People’s Republic, only to be suppressed later that wikipedia

27 Apr 2014 Lugansk People’s Republic

Pro-Russian insurgents in Luhansk, Ukraine, proclaimed a Lugansk People’s Republic, but it was quickly suppressed by the Ukrainian wikipedia

2 May 2014 Odessa Clashes

Pro-Russian activists skirmished with pro-Ukrainian demonstrators in Odessa, wikipedia

5–25 Jun 2014 2014 Northern Iraq offensive

Daesh (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, a.k.a. ISIL) launched a major offensive in northern Iraq from its bases in Anbar, attacking Samarra on 5 June and seizing Mosul (10 June) and Tikrit (11 June). As Iraqi government forces fled south, Kurdish forces took control in Kirkuk and much of northern wikipedia