Northern Eurasia 1945: From the Vistula to the Oder

In October 1944, the Soviets swung into Hungary. By January, they were ready to thrust into the German Reich itself, closing in on Berlin. With the British and Americans about to invade from the west, Nazi Germany's days were numbered.

Main Events

14 Sep–24 Nov 1944 Belgrade Offensive

Yugoslav partisans and Soviet troops force Germany out of Belgrade areain wikipedia

11 Oct 1944 Soviet Union annexes Tuvan People's Republic

Soviet Union annexes Tuvan People's Republicin wikipedia

12 Oct 1944 Operation Manna

British airborne forces landed in Athens on October 12-16, assisting Greek partisans in restoring order following German wikipedia

29 Oct 1944–13 Feb 1945 Budapest Offensive

Soviets invade Hungaryin wikipedia

12 Nov 1944 Second East Turkestan Republic

Following the Soviet-supported Ili Rebellion in northern Xinjiang, Republic of China, Turkic rebel groups declare the creation of the second East Turkestan Republic in Khulja. Ali Khan Ture, Marshal of the Ili National Army, is elected as president. With Soviet military assistance, the rebels quickly take control of the Ili, Tarbagatay, and Altay wikipedia

16 Dec 1944–5 Jan 1945 Battle of the Bulge

German offensive in Ardennesin wikipedia

12 Jan–2 Feb 1945 Vistula-Oder Offensive

Soviets invade Poland and eastern Germanyin wikipedia

4–11 Feb 1945 Yalta Conference

Yalta Conferencein wikipedia