Eastern Mediterranean 1946: French Evacuation of Syria

Under pressure from Britain, the United States, and Syrian nationalists, France finally withdrew its troops from Syria in April 1946—over two years after it had officially recognized Syrian independence. The French followed this by completing their withdrawal from Lebanon in December, bringing an end to the French colonial presence in the Levant.

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Main Events

15–17 Apr 1946 British withdrawal from Lebanon and Syria

In April 1946, at about the same time as the French evacuation of Syria, Britain withdrew the bulk of its forces from Lebanon and Syria. Following the French departure, the last British troops withdrew in July. in wikipedia

17 Apr 1946 Evacuation of Syria

As both Syria and Lebanon were founding member states of the United Nations, the French mandate for both expired when the UN officially came into existence in October 1945. Attempts by the French to stay on in Syria foundered under pressure from Syrian nationalists, Britain, and the United States, and in April 1946 France completed its military withdrawal from the country, accepting Syria’s complete independence. British troops in Syria departed at about the same time, followed by the withdrawal of the last French troops from Lebanon in December. in wikipedia