Asia Pacific 1944: Operation Ichi-Go

In early 1944 the US started preparing airfields in southeast China for B29 bomber raids on Japan. The Japanese responded with Operation Ichi-Go, a general offensive to capture the air bases and open a land route to Indochina. Although Ichi-Go succeeded, by this stage the US bombers were able to relocate to the Marianas and raid Japan from there.

Main Events

19 Apr–31 Dec 1944 Operation Ichi-Go

In a bid to open a land route to French Indochina and capture American-used air bases in southeast China, the Japanese launch Operation Ichi-Go against the Republic of China. In the first phase, the Japanese secure the Pinghan Railway connecting Wuhan to Beiping (Beijing); in the second, they move south from Wuhan, conquering large tracts of territory in Hunan and Guangxi provinces and displacing the US air bases there. Overall the operation is successful, with the Japanese losing about 100,000 dead to more than 480,000 Chinese military and 500,000 Chinese civilian wikipedia

27 Oct 1944–9 Feb 1945 XXI Bomber Command

US XXI Bomber Command in Marianas makes inital raids on Truk, Iwo Jima and Japanin wikipedia

7 Nov–31 Dec 1944 US secures Leyte

US secures Leytein wikipedia

12 Nov 1944 Second East Turkestan Republic

Following the Soviet-supported Ili Rebellion in northern Xinjiang, Republic of China, Turkic rebel groups declare the creation of the second East Turkestan Republic in Khulja. Ali Khan Ture, Marshal of the Ili National Army, is elected as president. With Soviet military assistance, the rebels quickly take control of the Ili, Tarbagatay, and Altay wikipedia

3 Dec 1944–28 Mar 1945 Operation Extended Capital

In Operation Capital, the British 11th East African and 20th Indian Divisions cross the Chindwin into Japanese-occupied Burma at Kalewa and Mawlaik while the 19th Indian Division does so at Sittaung. Facing little Japanese resistance, the British plan is expanded on 18 December to become Operation Extended Capital—a full-scale advance on Meiktila. Coupled with landings in the Arakan and a US-led Chinese push from the north, the Allies reconnect the Burma Road on 27 January 1945, cross the Irrawaddy in February, and capture Mandalay and Meiktila the following wikipedia