Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 16 Dec 1907 (American Empire: Great White Fleet), showing the following events: US protectorate over Dominican Republic; Japanese destroy Russian fleet in Tsushima Straits; Creation of Alberta and Saskatchewan; District of Keewatin added to NW Territories; US occupation of Cuba; Newfoundland becomes a dominion; Oklahoma made US state; Great White Fleet.

Great White Fleet

American Empire

North America 1907.1216

Great White Fleet

The Spanish-American War, the Banana Wars, the Mexican Revolution, World War I and the Great Depression (16 December 1907)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In 1902-03, Britain, Germany and Italy had blockaded Venezuela when it refused to repay its foreign debts. In response, US President Theodore Roosevelt announced that from now on the US would intervene in European disputes in the Americas, effectively acting as the region's policeman. To emphasize US ability to project its power, Roosevelt sent the 16 battleship 'Great White Fleet' around the globe in 1907.

Main Events

US protectorate over Dominican Republic

United States assumes administration of Dominican Republic's customs to ensure it meets its financial obligations

Japanese destroy Russian fleet in Tsushima Straits

Creation of Alberta and Saskatchewan

Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan created from the North-West Territories

District of Keewatin added to NW Territories

Canadian District of Keewatin becomes one of four districts in the Northwest Territories

US occupation of Cuba

United States occupies Cuba to prevent civil war and protect US interests

Newfoundland becomes a dominion

British colony of Newfoundland is granted dominion status

Oklahoma made US state

Oklahoma and Indian Territories combined to become the US state of Oklahoma

Great White Fleet

United States' Great White Fleet leaves Hampton Roads (Virginia) and circumnavigates the world, demonstrating US naval power

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