Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 16 Dec 1907 (American Empire: Great White Fleet), showing the following events: US protectorate over Dominican Republic; Battle of Tsushima; Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan; District of Keewatin added to NW Territories; US occupation of Cuba; Nicaragua-Honduras War; Dominion of Newfoundland; Oklahoma made US state; Great White Fleet.

Great White Fleet

American Empire

North America 1907.1216

Great White Fleet

The Spanish-American War, the Banana Wars, the Mexican Revolution, World War I and the Great Depression (16 December 1907)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In 1902-03, Britain, Germany and Italy had blockaded Venezuela when it refused to repay its foreign debts. In response, US President Theodore Roosevelt announced that from now on the US would intervene in European disputes in the Americas, effectively acting as the region's policeman. To emphasize US ability to project its power, Roosevelt sent the 16 battleship 'Great White Fleet' around the globe in 1907.

Main Events

US protectorate over Dominican Republic

The United States assumed administration of Dominican Republic's customs to ensure that it met its financial obligations.

Battle of Tsushima

The Russian Baltic Fleet under Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky, having traveled 18,000 nautical miles to reach the Far East, approached the Straits of Tsushima in an attempt to pass into the port of Vladivostok. Here they were spotted by the Japanese Combined Fleet of Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō, which engaged them in battle, sinking 7 of the 11 Russian battleships for no major losses. The remnants of the Russian fleet were mostly destroyed or captured the following day, with only three warships making it through to Vladivostok.

Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan

The North-West Territorial districts of Alberta and Saskatchewan became the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. At the same time, the District of Keewatin was restored to the North-West Territories.

District of Keewatin added to NW Territories

The Canadian District of Keewatin became one of four districts in the Northwest Territories.

US occupation of Cuba

The United States occupied Cuba to prevent civil war and protect US interests.

Nicaragua-Honduras War

Nicaragua's dictator José Santos Zelaya invaded Honduras in support of Honduran insurgents, destroying a combined Honduran-Salvadoran army with machine guns (the first usage of those of those weapons in Central America). The Nicaraguans soon entered Tegucigalpa, prompting Honduran President Manuel Bonilla to flee to the Pacific port of Amapala, where he gained refuge aboard the USS Chicago. The United States intervened to arrange a final peace settlement, pushing Zelaya to accept a compromise regime under General Miguel Dávila.

Dominion of Newfoundland

The British self-governing colony of Newfoundland was granted dominion status, becoming the Dominion of Newfoundland. This was in accordance with the decision of the 1907 Imperial Conference to confer dominion status on all self-governing colonies.

Oklahoma made US state

The Oklahoma and Indian Territories were combined to become the US state of Oklahoma.

Great White Fleet

By the order of the United States President Theodore Roosevelt, the Great White Fleet left Hampton Roads, Virginia, on a journey to circumnavigate the world and demonstrate US naval power. The 16 battleship fleet traveled south to the British West Indies, rounding South America to reach San Francisco on 6 May 1908; then crossed the Pacific via Honolulu to visit New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan before sailing back to Hampton Roads via Ceylon, the Suez Canal, Gibraltar, and the Atlantic. The voyage was completed without major incident and welcomed in the numerous ports it visited, greatly enhancing US prestige.

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