Central Plains War

China's Nanjing Decade

East Asia 1930.0626

Central Plains War

The Northern Expedition, early Chinese Civil War, and Japanese incursions into China (26 June 1930)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

Despite the claims to unity, Chiang Kaishek's hold over China was tenuous. In 1930, Yan Xishan, the Guominjun and the Guangxi clique turned against him in the Central Plains War.

Main Events

KMT accept peace with USSR

Khabarovsk Protocol ends Sino-Soviet Conflict and restores joint Soviet-Chinese administration of Chinese Eastern Railway

Yan Xishan denounces Chiang Kaishek

Yan Xishan expels Chiang Kaishek's men from Tianjin and Beiping

Outbreak of Central Plains War

Chiang Kaishek and his allies vs Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang and the Guangxi clique

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