Northern Africa 431: Second Battle of Hippo Regius

Political map of Northern Africa on 26 Sep 431 (Africa and Rome Divided: Second Battle of Hippo Regius), showing the following events: Aspar’s expedition to Africa; Second Suebian–Roman War; Second Battle of Hippo Regius.

Concerned by the Vandal invasion of Africa (429–430), the Eastern Roman Empire sent an expeditionary force to assist the West against them. The combined Eastern and Western armies faced the Vandals near Hippo Regius in the summer of 431 but were defeated.

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Main Events

431 Aspar’s expedition to Africa

In early 431 the Eastern Roman Empire decided to intervene in Africa in support of the Western Empire against the Vandal invasion and by the time of the Council of Ephesus (June) preparations were well underway. Under the command of the general Aspar an expeditionary force combining both Eastern and Western troops landed in Africa later that year, possibly convincing the Vandal king Gaiseric to abandon the siege of Hippo Regius in July or August. in wikipedia

431 Second Suebian–Roman War

In 431, taking advantage of Roman preoccupations elsewhere, the Suebi broke their peace treaty and invaded Roman Gallaecia again. Disturbed by the extent of pillaging, the bishop Hydatius undertook an embassy to Aetius, but the general was by that time campaigning in Gaul against the Franks and unable to spare any forces. Meanwhile, the Visigoth Vetto visited the Suebi with “treacherous intentions” but failed to secure any meaningful agreement with them. in wikipedia

431 Second Battle of Hippo Regius

Encouraged by the arrival of Aspar and his combined Eastern and Western Roman army, Bonifatius decided to mount a second offensive against Gaiseric’s Vandals, who had withdrawn west of Hippo Regius in the summer of 431. However, the two Roman generals were badly defeated in the fierce battle that followed and fled east, leaving the Vandals to burn an undefended and largely abandoned Hippo Regius. It was in the wake of this battle that the future emperor Marcian, at the time Aspar’s domesticus, was captured by Gaiseric. in wikipedia