Victory of the Triple Alliance

Rise of the Southern Cone

South America 1870.062

Victory of the Triple Alliance

War of the Triple Alliance, War of the Pacific, rise of Chile, Argentina, and Brazil (20 June 1870)

Historical Map of South American nations

After the Brazilian capture of Asunción in 1869, Paraguayan President Solano López fled to the interior where he fought on until he and much of his remaining government was killed in battle at Cerro Corá in March 1870. At the cost of some 400,000 dead - including between 50% and 90% of Paraguay's male population - the Paraguayan War was at an end.

Main Events

Battle of Cerro Corá

A Brazilian cavalry detachment under General José Antônio Correia da Câmara encountered Paraguayan President Solano López's camp by the Aquidabán River near Cerro Corá in northern Paraguay. Outnumbering the 416-strong Paraguayan forces ten to one, the Brazilians massacred their opponents, with Paraguay's vice president, cabinet ministers, and remaining military officers all dying in the rout. López himself was surrounded by cavalrymen and lanced in the abdomen; escaping this predicament, he fled to the river, only to be shot dead when he still refused to surrender.

First Jordanist Rebellion

On 11 April 1870, the governor of Entre Ríos province, Argentina, was assassinated; three days later, General Ricardo López Jordán - an open advocate of revolution - was proclaimed the new governor. Argentine President Domingo Sarmineto refused to recognize Jordán's governorship, sending in troops to restore order. Although being repeatedly bested by the better trained and armed regular soldiers, Jordán and his followers fought on for some 10 months by repeatedly evading their opponents before being forced to flee to Brazil.

Allied agreement with Paraguay

Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay signed a preliminary accord ending the War of the Triple Alliance. The war had killed some 400,000 people, including between 50% and 90% of Paraguay's adult male population. By the terms of the truce, and in accordance with the Treaty of the Triple Alliance, Paraguay would surrender its disputed territorial claims to Brazil and Argentina; however, due to mutual hostility, each of the two nations would in the end sign separate peaces with Paraguay.

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