Japanese Conquest of Manchuria

The Soviet Union under Stalin

Russia 1932.0602

Japanese Conquest of Manchuria

The Soviet Union under Stalin (2 June 1932)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

After their defeat by the Soviets, the Nationalist Chinese government moved to crush the growing Communist movement in China once and for all. However, the Soviet Union was not the only power wary of wary of the rise of the Chinese Nationalists; in 1931, Japan launched its own invasion of Manchuria, backing its "independence" from China the following year.

Main Events

Tajik Socialist Soviet Republic

The Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is detached from the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union, to become the Tajik Socialist Soviet Republic. Its capital, Dyushambe (Dushanbe), is renamed Stalinabad and the new SSR is also granted additional Uzbek territory in the north.

Chinese Nationalists begin their Encirclement Campaigns against the Communists

Japanese invasion of Manchuria

Following the Mukden Incident, the Kwantung Army of the Empire of Japan invades Manchuria - the semi-independent northeast provinces of the Republic of China under the governorship of Zhang Xueliang. After occupying the southern provinces of Liaoning and Kirin, the Japanese advance north into Heilongjiang, completing its conquest in February 1932.

Uprising in western Mongolia, crushed with Soviet support

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