Nationalist Taiwan

End of the Old Order

East Asia 1949.1229

Nationalist Taiwan

Occupation of Japan,Indonesian independence,Vietnamese independence,Philippines independence (29 December 1949)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

With the Communists victorious across China, about 2 million Nationalist Chinese fled to the offshore island of Taiwan. On December 8, Chiang Kaishek made the Taiwanese city of Taipei the temporary capital of the Republic of China but refused to give up his claim on the mainland.

Main Events

Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference

The Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference is held at the Hague between representatives of the Netherlands, the Republic of Indonesia, and the BFO (an assembly representing the other states of Indonesia). The Dutch agree to transfer sovereignty over the archipelago to a new federation, the United States of Indonesia. The status of Western New Guinea is left unresolved, to be negotiated within a year of the transfer of sovereignty to Indonesia.

Cambodia becomes French Associated State

France abolishes Cambodia's protectorate status, granting it the status of an associated state in the French Union

Kuomintang relocates to Taiwan

Chiang Kaishek declares Taipei provisional capital of Republic of China

Dissolution of East Turkestan Republic

People's Republic of China dissolves East Turkestan Republic; Soviet Union retains concessions in region

United States of Indonesia

Following the Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference, the Netherlands recognizes the independence of the Republic of United States of Indonesia (RUSI). The RUSI is a federation whose People's Representative Council consists of 50 representatives from the Republic of Indonesia and 100 from the various states according to their populations.

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