Fall of Nanjing

Second Sino-Japanese War

East Asia 1937.1213

Fall of Nanjing

Second Sino-Japanese War, Japan-China War, Rape of Nanking (13 December 1937)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

Japan's capture of Shanghai convinced Chiang Kaishek that his capital at Nanjing was indefensible, forcing him to relocate to Wuhan. Nanjing fell only days later. The Japanese followed their victory with six weeks of mass slaughter and atrocities, an event which drew international condemnation as the 'Rape of Nanking' (the contemporary spelling of Nanjing).

Main Events

Japanese conquer northern Shanxi

US President Franklin Roosevelt calls for for an international "quarantine of the aggressor nations"

Nationalist Chinese government moves to Wuhan

Japanese capture Nanjing, former Nationalist Chinese capital

Rape of Nanking

Japanese troops conduct mass slaughter and mass rape against inhabitants of Nanjing (Nanking)

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