Tanggu Truce

China's Nanjing Decade

East Asia 1933.0531

Tanggu Truce

The Northern Expedition, early Chinese Civil War, and Japanese incursions into China (31 May 1933)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

Neither the League of Nations or the Nationalist Chinese were prepared to accept the creation of Manchukuo, so Japan pressed on. In 1933, it expanded into Jehol and backed Chinese collaborators in Inner Mongolia. By May, Chiang Kaishek was prepared to sign the Tanggu Truce, agreeing to a demilitarized zone in northern China and effectively acknowledging the existence of Manchukuo.

Main Events

Uprising in western Mongolia, crushed with Soviet support

Japan occupies Jehol

Japan withdraws from League of Nations

Japanese backed General Liu Guitang invades Chahar

Tanggu Truce

Ends fighting between Japan and Nationalist China in northeast China

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