Creation of the Far Eastern Republic

Warlords and Revolutionaries

East Asia 1920.0406

Creation of the Far Eastern Republic

The Warlord Era in China, the Russian Revolution and the Siberian Intervention (6 April 1920)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

By early 1920, the Soviets had effectively won the Russian Civil War. However, as opposing regimes collapsed across the Russian Far East, communist partisans came into conflict with the Japanese garrisons spread across the region. In response, the Soviets declared an independent Far Eastern Republic to serve as a buffer between them and Japan.

Main Events

China revokes Mongolia's autonomy

Kolchak resigns as Soviet supported Political Centre seizes power in Irkutsk

Nikolayevsk Incident

Japanese troops in Nikolayevsk, Russian Far East, fail in a surprise attack against communist partisans, leading to a general massacre of the Japanese in the city

Japanese offensive in Russian Far East

Japanese retaliate for Nikolayevsk Incident by assaulting Russian partisan positions in the Far East and installing a new government in Vladivostok

Creation of Far Eastern Republic

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