China in Korea and Tibet

The Cold War in Asia

East Asia 1951.0909

China in Korea and Tibet

Korean War, Indochina War, Vietnam War, Invasion of Tibet, Mao Zedong (9 September 1951)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

China's intervention in Korea forced the surprised UN forces to retreat, but the Chinese were unable to conquer the South and a stalemate ensued. Meanwhile, the People's Republic was moving to reassert Chinese authority over Tibet. In a short campaign over the disputed Chamdo region, it forced Tibet to sue for peace and accept Chinese sovereignty.

Main Events

Chinese intervene in Korea

Chinese People's Volunteer Army drives UN forces in Korea back across 38th parallel

Seventeen Point Agreement on Tibet

Tibet signs Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet, affirming sovereignty of People's Republic of China

Armistice discussions begin in Korea

Talks over an armistice to end Korean War start in Kaesong, occupied by North Korea

Treaty of San Francisco

Treaty of Peace with Japan signed in San Francisco, officially ending World War II

Chinese troops enter Lhasa

Forces of People's Republic of China arrive in Lhasa

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