Mexican Revolution

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North America 1911.0525

Mexican Revolution

The Spanish-American War, the Banana Wars, the Mexican Revolution, World War I and the Great Depression (25 May 1911)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

Mexico had been stable for four decades, most of that time under the presidency of Porfirio Diaz. But by 1910, Diaz was almost 80 and the people had grown resentful of his repressive regime. Revolts sprang up across the country, forcing Diaz to flee. However the Mexican Revolution failed to provide a universally acceptable successor and soon collapsed into a multi-sided civil war.

Main Events

Dutch-Venezuela War

Netherlands blockades Venezuela after dispute breaks out over Dutch harboring of refugees in Curacao

US intervention in Nicaragua

United States lands marines in Nicaragua, pressuring the resignation of President José Santos Zelaya.

Outbreak of Mexican Revolution

Francisco Madero crosses from Texas into Mexico, calling for revolt against President Porfirio Díaz.

Zapata leads revolt in Morelos

Emiliano Zapata becomes commander of 800 revolutionaries in Morelos, Mexico.

US protectorate over Honduras

United States mediates in civil conflict in Honduras, selecting a provisional president to restore order

Díaz resigns in Mexico

Mexican President Porfirio Díaz resigns after riots in Mexico City.

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