UN Offensive in Korea

The Cold War in Asia

East Asia 1950.1124

UN Offensive in Korea

Korean War, Indochina War, Vietnam War, Invasion of Tibet, Mao Zedong (24 November 1950)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

After halting the North Korean advance, the UN forces counterattacked. In just a few weeks, they cleared South Korea then launched their own invasion of the North. However, their success now threatened China, which secretly began moving in its own forces to protect North Korea.

Main Events

UN Offensive in Korea

United Nations, led by United States, counterattack against North Korean forces

Battle of Chamdo

People's Republic of China invades eastern Tibet and captures town of Qamdo

Chinese enter North Korea

Chinese People's Volunteer Army crosses Yalu River into North Korea

End of the Republic of South Maluku

The Indonesian Army extinguishes the Republic of South Maluku, although guerrilla forces remain at large in the islands for years. In the aftermath, the Dutch government agrees to the resettlement of many Moluccan KNIL soldiers and their families - about 12,500 people in total - in the Netherlands, with the intention of one day repatriating them to Indonesia.

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